About Us

Emulate may seem like a brand that’s came out of no where however it’s been a concept years in the making. With 28 years combined experience they are expertise in past, current and most importantly up and coming trends. The team have been around long enough to know everything about the mens fashion industry however with the creative drive from young exuberant individuals. 
You may be wondering what Emulate is all about and what it has have to offer you that other brands can’t. All designs and prints are created in-house by a team of young fashion forward designers. Bespoke prints are then put into action on the best of quality materials. 
Emulate is the brand that’s not afraid to make bold choices. The brand for you guys out there that aren't the wallflower shying away type. The brand with the stand out prints guaranteed to get you noticed. 
It’s the brand that frankly all others are going to want to Emulate.